REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR "CONFESSIONS OF AN (EX) NSA SPY: Why America and its allies are losing the war on terror"


What was Condolezza Rice's response to 9/11?

When did al-Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden first plan to use an airplane as a suicide weapon?  What aspect of Gulf Arab culture may have influenced the germination of that idea?

Why were our intelligence agencies so caught off guard by 9/11--in spite of numerous warnings?

What role did our academia play in inoculating our public, politicians, and intelligence chiefs from the reality of radical Islam and al-Qaeda?


Can you explain what are the differences between humint, sigint, and osint?

Prior to 9/11 how were the "Turfs" divided up between the CIA, NSA, and FBI?

How did 9/11 and the explosion of the internet alter, or shake up, the traditional "Turf" divisions between these agencies.

Who is Edward Snowden, and why was there such a fuse over him?


What did the Roman historian Livy say about an empire's survival, and why is that important today?

What are some the stages that historians say civilizations go through?

At what stage do you think the United States is in?  Europe?

Why is a study of the third dynasty of Ur (21st century B.C.) important for the 21st century A.D.?

Who was ibn Khaldun, and what were his views on big government's intrusion into the economy?

What kind of "propaganda" have our schools been feeding our children, and what does that portend for American's future?

What were the classical (Greek and Roman) stages that a polity goes through during its life cycle?


What do Global Warming enthusiasts mean by the "hockey stick?"

Why is ethanol not a solution to the energy question?

How do environmentalists damage the environment and the ecology of the planet?

How do Mars, and other bodies in our solar system, fit into the Global Warming debate?

What is the real relationship between Global Warming and the industrial revolution?

How does the Biblical book of Exodus fit into the overall Climate Change debate?

How could the Global Warming hysteria affect our national security efforts?

The survival of the Human race?

What is the ultimate solution for nuclear waste?


List some of the ways the United States is committing Civilizational suicide.

What  is "civil society" and why is it important for the survival of a Republican Democracy?

In what way are America's leftists similar to the Taliban and ISIS?

What are some of the potential negatives of the Gay marriage issue?

How does the "open borders" ideology threat America?

What is the psychology of "self-loathing" and how did it originate?

What is meant by the "noble savage"?

What is the "ugly sister" of Jew-hatred and hatred of conservatives?

How does welfare damage a society?


How did the practice of slavery doom the south to defeat in the Civil War?

By what means could the Blacks in America break out of the cycle of poverty and violence that Democrat Party and liberal politics have placed them in?

How did Bush II betray the Border Patrol?

What was Fast and Furious?

Why do some conservatives believe that Fast and Furious was a plot by the Obama administration to enforce gun confiscation laws.

Why do the Democrats want to flood Texas and other regions with illegal immigrants?

What are the connections between the drug cartels and international terrorism?


Regarding the ongoing Islamic invasion of Europe, how do the media accounts differ from reality?

How did the media distort their coverage of the Vietnam war?  Can you give an example?

When did the "sea change" in the media happen, and why?

How did the Johnson administration betray our military service personel?

How did the media misrepresent Bush's Iraq war?

What happened to Saddam Hussein's missing WMDs?

How did the media misrepresent the Ferguson riots?

Did the media treat Bill Clinton's lies the same as Nixon's?  If not, how did the media's handling of the two affairs differ?


Who is Ray Kurzweil, what does he believe in, and why is that important for the survival of the human race?

Who is Mark Steyn and how does he differ from Kurzweil?

Who is Francis Fukuyama and how does he differ, or agree with Steyn and Kurzweil?


Who are Dr. Tawfiq Hamid and Dr. Walid Phares, and at what were they both shocked at upon coming to America and entering American academia?

Both the Bible and the Qur'an have "nice, pacifist" passages and "harsh, militant" passages, but what is the major difference between the two in that regard?

Who is Sayyid Qutb and what were his "five stages of jihad?"

What is the law of abrogation, and why is it important for the modern jihad?

How does academia get the Crusades wrong?

What is the truth about Muslim Spain, al-andalus?

Where did the "Inquisition" really come from?


In the introduction to chapter ten, what is the one key point for understanding modern terrorism?

Why are beheadings justified in Islam?

What are the two Qur'an verses used to justify burning people alive?

When Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi raped Kayla Mueller, the woman from Prescott, why did he kneel and pray both before and after the act?

How does the status of women in Islam differ from the status of women in pre-Islamic Arabia?

Why did the Babylonians destroy the Jewish temple at Jerusalem, and how does that differ from ISIS destroying the art work and ruins of ancient Babylon, Assyria, and other ancient sites that fell under their control?


What were Samuel Huntington's five "major" "civilizations" and what was his thesis concerning them?

What did the rest of academia think of Huntington's ideas?  And why?

What do Muslims think of the concept of "Clashes of Civilizations"?


What is meant by "Disneyland Islam?"

What are the five levels of Islamic belief?

What is meant by "enclave jihad"?

What is Islamic "zakat" and how does it play a role in modern terrorism?

What are some basic differences between the Sunni and the Shi'a?


What does the "terrorism triangle" refer to?  And how did it get its reputation?

Review Sayyid Qutb's five stages of Jihad.  What stage are Muslims supposed to be in now?

Who are the Wahhabis and how do they fit into modern terrorism?

In terms of Middle Easterners trying to migrate to the west, how does the treatment of Christians differ from the treatment of Muslims by western authorities?

Who is Izzat Ibrahim, and what are his complaints about the West's infatuation with Political Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood?

What is a dhimmi?  And what does that have to do with modern Britain?

What is significant about the German town of Oberammergau?

What was the Arab proverb about the nose of the camel, and how does that apply to what is happening in America and Europe today?

How have the demographics of Bethlehem changed over the last half century?


Why is "Jew-hatred" a more accurate term for what is going on today than "anti-Semitism"?

How did Muhammad use the "divide and conquer" principle in taking control over the Arabian city of Yathrib/Medina?

Who was Hasan al-Banna, and why did he admire Hitler?

Who was Muhammad Mursi, and what were his views on the Jews?

Why should we in the West be concerned about the rising Jew-hatred in the world?

Why is Jerusalem more important to the Jews than it is to the Muslims?


What were some of the accusations concerning the Obama administration siding with radical Islam and supporting terrorism?

How are some Republicans connected with support for terrorism?

Why did the RINOS, media, and Dems demonize Representative Michele Bachmann?

What are some of the "beans" about Obama's support for terrorism spilled by former DHS officer Phil Haney? 

What is the OIC, and how did Hillary collaborate with it in an attempt to curtail free speech here in America?

What was the U.S.S. Cole, and what happened to it?

Why did the Egyptians believe that Obama was continuing to support terrorism in Egypt even after the Muslim Brotherhood regime was deposed?

Can you provide an example of how the leftist and media sponsored "Global Warming" hysteria threatens our national security?

What was the Taliban Five scandal all about?  And, why was Qatar not a good place to send these folks?

How did Obama aid Nigeria's terrorist group Boko Haram?

How did Obama financially support terrorism?

What was the student bomb plot in Texas all about?

Why were the Arab nations concerned over Obama's desperate attempts to reach a deal with Iran?  Should not the Arab nations welcome any empowering of a fellow Islamic nation?"

Who was Nour al-Malaki, and how did he figure into the acts of treason committed by Bush II?  And, what did Obama do to that made Bush's crime seem like child's play?

How did Obama insult the French in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre?

How did the Obama administration get mixed up in Argentine politics?

How does Iran fund the Democrat Party?

How did Hillary get the U.S. taxpayers to partly pay for her political campaign expenses?

What was the "workplace violence" that took place in Tennessee in 2015?

What role did the U.S. and its allies play in helping ISIS to get started?  And why?

Who, or what, are the "Grey Wolves"?

How did the Obama administration respond to ISIS once the group got out of control?


In what country did the Arab Spring start and why?

How did the Arab Spring affect Egypt?

How did the Arab Spring affect Libya, and what was the Obama administration's role?

What was the Benghazi scandal, and why did it happen?

Why is the war in Yemen such a threat to Saudi Arabia?

Why did Obama's role in the Arab Spring frighten every pro-American state in the Middle East?

How did Obama's anti-Assad moves in Syria seem to contradict his otherwise submissive attitude towards Iran, and why did Obama assume that role in Syria?

How did Putin's entering the war in Syria completely change the equation and snuff out Obama's plans?

In what way does the war in Syria resemble the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s?

What were some of the real reasons why Bush invaded Iraq in the early 2000s?

How did we lose Iraq?

Who was Nour al-Malaki and what role did he play in our losing Iraq?

What was the real story behind Saddam Hussein's WMDs?

On 28 September 2015 both President Barack Obama and Russia's President Vladimir Putin delivered speeches to the UN General Assembly.  Contrast the two.


What did author Mark Steyn mean by the term "baby boom?"

If the federal deficit is not the main problem, then what is?

What is considered to be the birthrate necessary for a society to "break even?"

What is considered to be the birthrate point of no return, meaning when you fall below that point your society has no chance to ever recover?

What are the birthrates of some of the countries of Europe?

What does that mean for NATO in the near future?


In what collection of "sacred" literature do we find most of the Islamic prophecies about the "Last Days"?

What are some of the signs that the "Last Days" are near, according to Islamic prophecies?

Have any of these prophecies come true?

Besides Muhammad's alleged migration from Mecca to Medina, what other great even occurred in 622 A.D.

What is the Greek "Latter Days" prophecy pertaining to Constantinople?

What is the Islamic Khorasan prophecy, and how does that play in to modern terrorism?


Who was ibn Ishaq?

Who was at-Tabari?

What are some of the reasons why many scholars doubt the existence of Muhammad?

What evidence do they provide for the origins of Islam being outside of Arabia?

Who is Ali Sina, and what are his views about Muhammad?

Who was Khadija?

Discuss whether or not there was a real Muhammad in western Arabia?


Sum up some of the deleterious effects eight years of Obama had on our national polity.

Sum up some of the deleterious effects eight years of Obama had on our foreign policy.

How has eight years of Obama affected the "heroin jihad?"

Christianity, in its origins and its literature, is non-martial.  Islam, in its origins and its literature, is very martial.  Explain the historical circumstances surrounding each religion at its origins that dictated these differences.

How did the oil boom contribute to the spread of radical Islam?

What can America and the West do to save themselves from conquest by Islam?

Why is that military responses to Islamic terrorism will fail to solve the problem?

What is the only realistic long-term solution?

How can America and the West help to bring about this long-term solution?