Barry Webb has an MA in Ancient History with a Near East specialization, an MA in Middle Eastern Studies including medieval and modern Middle East and intensive studies on the Qur'an and Jihad theologies.  In addition he has logged a 25-year career as an Arabic translator/analyst for NSA and other government entities, and has taught some school along the way. 

He has lived, worked, and studied (Arabic) in the Middle East for well over a dozen years and has read the Qur'an front to back, in Arabic, numerous times.

Since retirement he has continued to monitor the Middle East and the growth of the Jihad movements via Arabic satellite TV channels, and Arabic news sites on the Internet, as well as English language sources.

In addition to Arabic, he has also studied some Biblical Hebrew and smatterings of other Near Eastern languages such as Akkadian and Phoenician.

He currently lives in Arizona where he writes political thrillers which mix ancient history with modern Jihad movements and other international geopolitical trends.

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